Long time Baseball Coaches, Gerard Hall and Raymond Thomas have proven overtime that  that the most important element of youth baseball is teaching kids “how” to succeed. The Little League concept is designed for kids within age range 4 – 16 years to thoroughly learn, and execute the rudiments of the game (baseball/softball) preparing them for the future.


  1. Proper Grooming:  Apart from teaching kids how to play the game, Little League also helps them to engage in various competitions, the just concluded, 2019 Little League tournament held in Ibadan few days ago is a good example. Ibadan Excellers clinched the Title with some awards to with it. Its emergence was not based on the hierarchical order, every participant was handed various gifts, customized cloths, and bats.
  2. No Restrictions: Regardless of physical size, skill, strength, gender, religion, or nationality, Little League Baseball offers the opportunity for a child to experience and benefit from the life lessons, socialization, and camaraderie that are the cornerstones of the program.
  3. Organizing Competitions:Little League Baseball and Softball also organizes various competitions all over the world, in a quest to reach out to ‘ every one’ interested in the game. The 2019 Little League tournament was held in Ibadan just recently and it pulled out a lot of talented kids that could be the future Babe Ruth, Barry Bonds and Mickie Mantle etc.
  4. Making Baseball A Mainstay: Little League Baseball doesn’t restrict its services to just Nigeria, the organisation is “ALL OVER”. Once upon a time the game of Baseball was only known to be played in America, New York, New Jersey, Boston etc. But now its a different story entirely. Baseball is gradually becoming one of the top sports to reckon with in the World
  5.  Media Presence:The trio of Gerard Hall, Raymond Thomas and Laniyan Kehinde last week visited various media stations, continuing sharing the Gospel of Little League. They visited Impact Africa Television and Splash fm and Oluyole FM.Image may contain: 1 personImage may contain: one or more peopleImage may contain: 4 people, indoor
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